Filip Samuelsen

The "secret" shelter

Information about the site:

This lonely shelter is hidden in the eastern part of the area around Stensgaarden. The location is where the name comes from. The shelter is placed on a slope in the forest with a view of Gudsø Vig.

Number of people: You have to be a group of 2 to 6 people to book the shelter. If you are a larger group, you can book the shelters behind the wooden church.

Practicalities about the trip:

You can park next to the toilet house at the cross road where the road turns into the forest (see the map below).

The toilet is in the toilet house. Here you will find toiletpaper, hand soap and hand towel. It is possible to take a shower. You have to clean the toilet house. You will find the cleaning materials in the house. If the cleaning is not done properly, you will be charged 380 DKK. pr. hour.

You will find the key for the toilet house on the shelfs in the entrance of the centre office. You have to leave the key in the mailbox below the shelfs at departure.

You will find fire wood on the other side of the hedgerow next to the pioneering poles. Remember to bring lighting for the fire and an axe yourself.

You can get water in the toilet house. You can use the outdoor tap in the Summer season and the indoor tap in the Winter season.

You can leave your garbage in the bins at the toilet house. Here you can also see how we sort garbage. Bring your own bags to bring the garbage to the bins.

Remember to leave the site tidier than at arrival.

See the map further down for an overview of all the above mentioned locations.

A map of Houens Odde can be found here

It is also possible to find it around Houens Odde at the information signs.

Pictures on the map: Filip Samuelsen and Lasse Mørch